My domain is redirecting to a differnet (unknown) site

Hi, I could really do with some help. This is my first post

My DNS settings in CF have CNAME, MX and TXT.
CNAME @ is pointing to a temporary .tk site
but for some reason that I can’t understand this domain is resolving to an “appliance services” site. I have no idea why. Its not one of my sites.

I’ve checked namecheap and the nameservers are correctly pointing to CF
I’ve correctly applied DNSSEC 2 hours ago.

How come my site is showing an “appliance services” site?

I don’t know if its related but I’ve noticed 2 IPs are in the Firewall > Tools in CF that I don’t recognize. Are these IPs supposed to be in there? Are they CloudFlares IPs? They are US IPs, I’m in the UK.


Hi, Can anyone offer some guidance in terms of where I can start digging to find out why my domain is resolving to an unfamiliar “A1 Appliance” site?

I would have expected the CNAME record to redirect to the .tk site. I’m sure it was a few months ago.

Because that is what that server at that .tk domain returns. You either need to fix your server configuration or point to the right server. Cloudflare only returns what it receives from you.

Plus there is (maybe obviously) no valid certificate on that server, so your encryption mode on Cloudflare must be insecure right now.

CNAME records do not redirect anything. If you want a redirect, you should check out #Tutorials as there is one dedicated to that topic.

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