My domain is redirecting for no reason

I am using Cloudflare on my website and when I am trying to open the website it redirects to, which says, “This domain is suspended due to incomplete WhoIs verification”. What could be the issue here?

I tried contacting my domain registrar and they said everything is okay on their end.

Can someone please help me.

Are you referring to

That redirect would come straight from your host. You need to clarify that with them, thats not Cloudflare related.

Same problem with my website, I’m hosted at DigitalOcean

I’m also using NameCheap and WhoIsGuard, ‘’ is also registred at NameCheap

@b.delic99, you will also need to contact your host.

Thank you

Hi, did you resolved it?

Really strange thing. It resolved by itself after more than 3 hours of downtime. No one will probably take responsibility for that unexpected and unannounced event. Can someone tell how it’s even possible to third party registrar to suspend site from another registrar?

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