My domain is pointing to an unknown IP and the website is down

My domain is pointing to an unknown IP and the website is down:

Do you know how to fix it?


Can you send a screenshot of your NS records in your Cloudflare panel (cover IPs)?

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You set Cloudflare to proxy your domain and set the server address as and the same content (a dash) appears with our without Cloudflare in the middle. Is your server IP? If no change it from CF panel (3rd entry). > this is not my IP; I checked it, and it seems it belongs to Cloudflare

Then change it to you IP. Do you mean you did not set that IP in your Cloudflare panel?

Exactly! As you can see, my panel is OK. But when you check the IP that my domain is pointing to ( you see that is another IP. doesn’t belong to CF:


When you ping or check your website IP from online tools like they will show you a CF IP since CF is proxying your traffic. That is normal and intended.

OK, but then, why the IP are different? And why my website stopped working suddenly?


CF is showing what is server from for If that is not your server IP change it from CF panel. If it is your server IP then check why it returns a dash - as home page.

It’s solved! It was a problem regarding the SSL certificate. My hosting provider solved it. Now I have to wait 3 hours for the NS propagation. Thank you for your time Xaq!!!

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