My domain is pending state,I cannt apply ssl certificate through acme

two domains of and have already been active state ,but I use nslookup to resolve subdomain,they all is error.please watch below picture. fail


You don’t need to re-post the same detail, the why is covered in the docs linked above.

IP Address:

That’s a cloudflare IP and exactly what you want returned.

Both sites show as active, the nameservers have not propagated and that is most likely due to:

Your next outreach should be to your domain registrar to ask about having the ICANN holds lifted from your domain, only your registrar can assist with that.

Once again, please go through the tutorials you were already given. There is little point in going through everything which is already covered by the tutorials anyhow.

Both sites are now properly configured and the 007 one already returns content. The other one throws a 522 timeout, however that is something you need to fix on your server and you should use the search or that error as well.

My cycloneservers server is in Los Angeles, and I ssh into my VPS remotely. Then nslookup resolves that the IP address of the local vps is also the address of the cloudflare server.This issue is not related with ICANN service providers.please watch below picture.

No offence, but for the Nth time please use the search.

All these issues have been covered more than once and can be easily found via the search. That particular issue is under

Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured?

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