My domain is not working with cloudflare

I was facing some issues with one of its subdomain so i removed it from Cloudflare and now i readded it but now it is showing me handshake error

You have too many subdomains and need ACM. Cloudflare only covers and not

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The PSL includes Wouldn’t the domain depth start counting to the left of

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Ah, I didn’t realize that it was on the PSL as that. If that is the case then yeah, second level should be fine. Guess it depends on what the SSL error is

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On flexible only is giving error host can’t be reached and on full other than cpanel that is my website giving me SSL handshake error. I think this is because edge certificate i want to delete it and re-upload or re generate it because it is of 5 Feb but i added website 20 Feb after removing it.

Ensure your subdomain has a valid cert and please stop adding additional topics. Add additional details here on a specific issue if you have it.

Certificate is correct and the issue changed that’s why I created new topic.

2 days ago the main site was working fine with Cloudflare but one of its subdomain was not working so i removed the site from Cloudflare and readded now even main site is not working and giving ssl handshake error. What should I do now?

This doesn’t help me. But one thing I am unable to understand if it was supposed to not working then why it was working 2 days ago? and not working now

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