My domain is not working after changing nameserver. Please help

Hi everyone. I tried Cloudflare for the first time and I am really new to the topic. I wanted to secure the website so i changed the nameservers from the cpanel of my hosting provider. Right now it’s showing the lock which is okey, but the content of the page is not displaying at all. The domain name is it’s been like 35 hours since i did it and it says that Cloudflare is active. Can you give me any advice? Should I wait longer for example? My hosting provider is

Your DNS setup looks okay, but I presume the wrong content is shown because your host hasnt configured your server to serve content on HTTPS.

What is your SSL mode under “Crypto”? One of the Fulls? If so, you could either switch it to Flexible, which would only encrypt the connection between your visitors and Cloudflare (the one between Cloudflare and your server would be still unencrypted) or make sure your server is properly configured with a valid HTTPS certificate and responds to HTTPS requests.

I changed it from full to flexible, it says that my last changes were made 18 hours ago, I also changed the traffic in dns section, all to go through Cloudflare which is Cname, A and AAAA. I don’t know how to check if server is configured correctly, everything was working fine before i changed the nameservers.

So what is it right now? Flexible?


In that case I would assume there might be an error with your DNS records. Would you feel comfortable disclosing your IP address here?

Not sure if this is it

Are you sure that is the correct IP address?

I have only checked the A record (IPv4, not IPv6) and got - via HTTP, not HTTPS - the same content back as you get via Cloudflare (the one saying “Obsługę techniczną zapewnia home - największy w Polsce rejestrator domen i dostawca profesjonalnych rozwiązań hostingowych.”). I also found this but I am not sure 100 % sure, I’m sorry. I found it out on

Should i change the ip adress in Cloudflare. The section where it says A points to… from the one I already have to this new one?

Thats a Cloudflare address. You’d need to change it to the correct address where your site is hosted (if it isnt that 46 address). Maybe it would be best to clarify this with your host. Respectively, do you still know your previous nameservers?

I was told to redirect it back and now the site is working. Anyway I will probably try it one more time once I have my own hosting. Thank you for help anyway.

Your host must have changed something as the same command from before now yields a result. Maybe the moment you changed the nameservers your host stopped serving your site, but thats something your host should sort out.

Also, now it - naturally - seems to work via Cloudflare too.

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