My domain is not loading

Hello there,

I am having some issues with my domain name -

I pointed the server names to the cloudfare and activated the account in cloudfare.

Attached are two screenshots - one for the DNS records and one just to show the message I am receiving when going to the site

Any suggestions ? Thank you so much


Sorry I gave the wrong domain name earlier: It’s


On “www”, nothing will load as you don’t have that DNS record. The naked domain however loads

It only shows an index page but that’s up to your server configuration and not Cloudflare related.

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Also you technically send a redirect on your naked domain to “www”, so currently it will always fail to load because of aforementioned missing record.

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Thank you Sondro, So I need to contact my domain hosting company ? and tell them what exactly ?

For starters you should fix the “www” issue. Either add that record on Cloudflare or remove the redirect.

Sorry If my questions seems basics, but this is all new to me. And this is completely out of my element.

I was following some youttube instructions from clickfunnels, and evidently I completely messed up.

I did have a redirect rule that I just removed. That did not solve the probelm - So how do I add the www record ? Do you have a video tutorial you can point me to ?


#Tutorials has a dedicated topic on that.

I’d also highly recommend to use the search here on the forum as well as as these topics have been discussed a million times already.

OK thanks - I’ll check - Appreciate the guidance.

I am sorry Sondro - I am looking and searching but I really don’t know what I am doing - and It’s a bit frustrating to me :unamused:

Learning new things always takes time :slight_smile:

Do you want the site to be reachable under www or not?

I know right ??? I am going to reply to you as I am replying to my wife… Is this a trick question ? :rofl:

I am guessing the answer to that is yes - I just want my funnel site to load again -


In that case you need to check out the article “Adding DNS Records” under #Tutorials and add aforementioned record. That will fix at least that, your site will probably still only load the index page but that is something you need to fix on your server as I mentioned originally and not related to Cloudflare.

Yes, I saw that - I don’t know If need to add an A, AAA or a Cname record ? and what IP address to point it to

Presumably to the same address you already have configured but you best clarify this with your host.

You basically need to point your records to your server, that’s all.

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