My Domain is not cloudflare but site not Opening

My Domain is on Cloudflare but when i open it it’s showing that ’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


Also i have sate my worker on that domain but still its not working.

I see your domain has got Cloudflare nameservers, but I cannot see any A records for it.

Could you please navigate to your DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard of your domain name and re-check if any is possibly missing?

May I suggest below article for help:

In this case, again, check if you have got any A records pointed to some origin IP.

Or, if not, and if you only use Cloudflare Workers for your domain name, kindly add A www and A DNS records both pointed to IPv4
Make sure both of them are proxied and set to the :orange: cloud.

Nevertheless, make sure you’ve added a route for your Worker and connected it to your domain under the Workers tab.

Instructions written at the below article can help you with managing DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard:


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