My domain is not active on cloudflare

My domain is not active on Cloudflare since yesterday.I have registered my domain on Google domain and filled the nameservers.Why it is taking time to connect?

What is the domain?

Domainheist .com
This is my domain

Your nameservers need to be updated at your registrar.

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My privacy protection is on in Google domains

Already changed

The whois database disputes your assertion.


Be sure to follow the provider specific instructions for your registrar as found in the following documentation.

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Something is not adding up.

The domain you provided has GoDaddy as the Registrar, not Google.

So how are you changing the nameservers and privacy settings in Google Domains?


Idk but I have registered on Google domains

From custom nameservers changing to Cloudflare provided nameservers

Perhaps the domain is different?

Please provide a screenshot from your Google Domains dashboard showing the domain in question, so we can solve this mystery.

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