My domain is not accessible

The only update I have done for my domain, after I installed the Cloudflare WordPress plugin on it, was updating two pieces of nameserver details on my domain registrar’s control panel. My site is now down and I think it is because I have not set any other detail up neither on my Cloudflare’s control panel, nor my host, nor the domain registrar. For example, I don’t have any other DNS detail mentioned anywhere. My files on my host server exist but I don’t have access to the WordPress on it any more. Can you please help return my site, I think I am missing details that one of these control panels require.
Thanks for the help!


Yes if your nameservers have no information to route a user to your website they cannot access your website. Whatever DNS record are required for the website you want users to visit needs to exist in the DNS of the servers. The information should exist in whatever DNS you were using before you changed and it should match in whatever new DNS provider you are using.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. When you say:

“Whatever DNS record are required for the website you want users to visit needs to exist in the DNS of the servers.”

Where are these DNS records? Here is my example: I have a host whose nameservers are ns1 dot hosting company dot com and ns1 dot hosting company dot com which are now changed to name dot Cloudflare dot com as per instructions at Cloudflare. Where do I put the exampleHostingCompany nameservers or some other detail (please specify) on some control panel (please specify where) for the site to still load while using the Cloudflare CDN speed and performance features?

Appreciate your help, thanks!

The old ones shouldn’t exist anymore, so don’t put them anywhere.

You need to add all relevant DNS records to the Cloudflare Dashboard. Some might have already been found and brought over during the on-boarding process.

This is the page where records exist and should be added.

Thank you for your reply.

What information should go into the field IPv4? Is this the registrar/Cloudflare/my domain IP or how do I get this?

The information to put there, and the type of records required, are provided by your host. I can’t help you there… some require A records, some AAAA, some CNAME. Unfortunately you need to go and ask (or search through their docs) where that domain is hosted.

Hi! Great help, thanks!

Now I have updated A and MX record details which have been asked for. My site is loading and I think all is fine.

Thanks again, I will post a question if I still encounter problems but all seems to be fine : )


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