My domain is not accessible only from a partial audience

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I change my files to an EC2 machine from an S3 Bucket, and activate the cloudflare CDN. Everything was fine until I realized that only some people can access, and I didn’t figure out WHY, please help.

Description: My domain is accessible from partial audience, some people can access, some get ERR_FAILED, some get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, I’m unable to see a pattern, I’ve already investigate

  • router
  • location
  • internet provider
  • never visited the site

but none have effect.

Someone can realize what is happening?

Means there isn’t a DNS entry for the record. What is the host users are supposed to be trying to access?

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Hi, thanks for helping


I configure 2 CNAMES for it (as the tutorial):
(can’t put more than 2 links)

Yesterday was in an EC2 with elasticIP and the nameserver was in Hostinger seems to be fully propagated. May want to try purging your DNS cache at and other major DNS providers or it may be the users have a resolver which has cached bad results.

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I did the same and conclude the same,
But something really trick me: it’s possible that people which never accessed can be some cache? I didn’t knew about those “cache-purges”, I’ll try promptly

Hi @cs-cf,

The flush didn’t work, I asked for a friend which has the error and he get the same results even flushing @ and www

any suggestions?

Captura de Tela 2020-04-17 às 11.49.35

The info icon show ‘another record share same name so we’ve applied CNAME flattening’, that can be some?

@cs-cf seems that Cloudflare doesn’t propagated to all , look at

SAO PAULO and RIO DE JANEIRO has NO RECORD which seems like my problem

Cloudflare has the records, openDNS does not. It’s likely an issue with their stale cache. You can try purging their cache.

It works, some people started to see the site again, but some still unable to get, they are getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, there are any way to make that propagation faster? Seems that they dns tables are not updated.

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