My domain is in pending form weeks. I have updated also the DNS records

Hello, Could anyone help me?

What’s the domain?

First of all, thanks for your interest

the domain is
It was working until few months ago

3 weeks ago I received an email which told me to check the nameservers

I checked the nameservers and nothings is changed

I have set Nameserver 1

and Nameserver 2

I have verified this 3 weeks ago


I see that the domain does not have a valid DNS record. Even the NS records do not reflect. Would you make sure you’ve the proper DNS records in the DNS entry? If not, I suggest you to contact your registrar to get more information or check from your registrar dashboard. For reference:

Thanks for including the screenshot that shows Freenom. You will need to find a new domain to use. Mali chose no continue working with Freenom.

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Many thanks

I have read many topics about this issue with Freenom and Malian registry.


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