My domain is hijacked and transfered to cloudflare

hello, our domain is hijacked from namesilo and transferred to cloudflare within minutes we did not received any transfer confirmation or anything else,
we checked who is information to see our nameservers, first they get changed to google dns then after 10 minutes our domain was transferred to cloudflare.
what is the way to get our domain back.

Are you sure the domain was hijacked and didn’t just expire and was re-registered?

You should contact Namesilo as that’s where your domain was registered and ask them what happened.

nope my domain will expire in 2026-06-01 and within minutes it was transferred to Cloudflare in front of my eyes, because first they changed the nameservers so my domain got offline and jetpack emailed me domain is offline, at the moment i checked dns record in whois data and nameservers were changed then after minutes i refreshed the whois information it was transferred to cloudflare,

You’ll need to talk to Namesilo to find out what happened as that’s where you have an account and any transfer will need to have been approved. Cloudflare won’t be able to give you any information about someone else’s account.


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