My domain is Hacked

Hello All,
I am new here and posting first time.
Actually our domain got hacked, and now it is rerouted by hacked to another page using cloudflare DNS i want to find a way to get the down so that hacked webpage should not be visible…till i get this issue resolved with godaddy.
please advise any help will be appricated!

What is the domain name?
Was the domain recently renewed or expiried?
Have you changed the nameservers?
Have you made any changes for your domain at Cloudflare DNS interface?

I am afraid by default it cannot be rerouted if there is no redirection added using Cloudflare Page Rules.

  • the new thing can be the new IP address (Cloudflare ones) shown when accessing your Website and maybe some error due to the SSL certificate …

If the Website is hacked, it should be at your hosting/origin.

In that case, please check here for the steps:

In case you want to protect your Website using Cloudflare if being under DDoS attack (due to your website being hacked), see below for more information and help:

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