My domain is gone?

I went to edit some dns records and my domain is no longer here?!? I can’t find out how to contact support to find out what happened

Here? Where?

What’s the domain?

I transferred to Cloudflare from a couple of months ago.

You have an additional nameserver set at your registrar,

That’s why Cloudflare dropped the domain. I would suggest to set the nameservers to your registrar’s default nameservers, then re-add the domain to Cloudflare, and set Cloudflare’s nameservers again.

Just make sure to have only the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare.

I deleted that just a little bit ago actually. Now I’m trying to find out how to get it back here. I put the auth code in from and Cloudflare gave me an error

The domain seems to be on Cloudflare again.

But there’s a DNSSEC issue

Make sure the value at your registrar match Cloudflare.

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