My domain is expired and i'm unable to make payment for add year or transfer out

Thank you @tung2, I’ll keep an eye on this with Support. I’m looking at the whois for the domain and your comments and trying to piece together the timeline and confused by the timeline, while it looks like the domain expired in early May it also shows as updated a few days ago. (perhaps that dovetails with the comment from @sdayman)


@cloonan @sdayman
I just tried to buy 1 year for other domain (, it was successful.
But still unable to buy for
Screen Record when i’m buying:
Payment was pail successful

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Hi @cloonan,
I don’t understand why my domain expired from early May but my website can running to 16th Jun?
Is it possible to extend or transfer out?
Thank you for your help!


is there anybody from Cloudflare can confirm this problem and going to solve??
This terrible trouble cost me a lot and Cloudflare don’t care??

That’s clearly not the case. @cloonan has been checking in on this regularly since yesterday. Your expired domain is apparently not so easy to recover, but they’re working on it. I’m quite sure they don’t want this to happen again.

Thank you for all advice from you! they’re all helpful!
But I’ve faced this problem before on other registrar when my domain was expired, i just enable to extend easyly by my self.
So I don’t understand why Cloudflare need a lot of time and with no time limit to find out problem?

Support gets fairly busy from time to time. They are especially slowed when folks open two tickets on the same issue, causes a minimum of twice as much work and more delay joining them together to troubleshoot.

I suspect they’ll do that with your tickets.


@cloonan, thank you!
Can you update me my case?
is there anything new to help my domain recover?

My case is same with this case!

My domain has removed from Cloudflare, instead of recover. What is going on?

Eagerly following,