My Domain is Down

My domain is down. When I tried to resolve it using leafdns it gives me “The parent nameservers do not have your nameservers listed. This means the name does not exist or your registrar is experiencing technical difficulties.”

Hello there,

Would you share the domain here? that would help the community members to help you out.

Did you contact your registrar in this case?

ksat(.)us - the downtime happened during the maintenance period.

Yes, I did.

Yes I did. We are using sav

I see your does not have required record. You need to connect your host to the Cloudlfare in order to work with the necessary records.

If that’s so, have you any information from them?

Yes it is connected. Our DNS Provider (sav) is already configured to use the name server of Cloudflare. Everything is working until yesterday at around 4 or 5 PM ET and I checked there are maintenance happening in Cloudflare.

Is sav the host too?

I think that’s not much disturbing you except latency issue. However, your issue is with the root. I see the whois status as: SERVER HOLD

Your domain does not resolve in the .us registry:

As @neiljay mentioned, that status is preventing your domain from resolving. You need to work this out with your registrar, because it looks like .us has put your domain on hold.


what do you mean by root?

Sorry what do you mean by host? ksat us is registered under sav then we configure it to use Cloudflare’s name server

The foundational steps of the website.

Hosting provider.

You are correct but your DNS is not activated at the moment. Check the views & reference pointed by @sdayman here.


Thank you for this. Will send them follow up again. They are very unresponsive. Created the ticket since yesterday.

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Is it possible to transfer ksat domain here in Cloudflare? sav support haven’t got back to us since yesterday.


It is possible. However, I recommend you to check through these requirements carefully:

This is especially for those who hold .us domain:

For more information, you can always, look for answers from the Doc:

or :search: in the forum or #tutorial or support articles

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