My domain is being removed from CNAME and a TXT record when I import or add then save

I’m using the same DNS template that I’ve used for my other 7 domains, but this one is not accepting the domain\hostname for CNAME and TXT.

CNAME: email-mail-admin-pw
TXT: mail-admin-pw

Instead, both fields strip the domain no matter what I do.
I’ve tried manually adding, manually typing, importing DNS file.
Every time it removes the hostname and leaves only:

CNAME: email-mail
TXT: mail

This is causing Mailgun to not verify.

The UI will always strip the names of the domain name, unless it is the naked domain.

What’s the domain and what records are you supposed to set up?

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Note: I used dashes instead of periods because of the new user link limit

It’s never stripped them before and I have 7 domains on this account. And I imported via DNS file first.

It always has. But you did not address my question.

I think it might have something to do with .pw domains. I added it with .com instead of .pw and it saved.

I am not asking again.

The domain is in the original message.

That domain is not configured for Cloudflare.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:        nameserver =        nameserver =

You just wrote admin :roll_eyes:

Anyhow, I also asked for the records. Sorry, but if you want advice and then do not read the responses, it naturally will be a bit difficult. I’d ask that you read the thread a bit more carefully please.

Because I prefer my whois privacy to stay private. You could have messged me for it.

I did.

Can we continue this convo in a message so I can give you the details?

Yep, it’s a forum here and conversations take place here.

So which records are you supposed to set up?

So you need a TXT record named mail. Did you set that up? If so, can you post a screenshot?

EDIT: Here is the Cloudflare screenshot. I’ve reached the max replies I can send in a day. It was next.

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I’ll just have to keep editing this post

That is not a Cloudflare screenshot.

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