My Domain is Banned

I have connected my domain through Cloudflare, but when trying to enter my website it gives me this error as if somebody else already owns my domain:

Any help I can get from staff would be much appreciated. I can show billing information or a transaction id to show I really do own domain. Thank you.

You can quickly just look the error up here yourself and read what it stands for:

Also related:

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As the resolution states, it is required to contact Cloudflare Support and let them know what domain it is that is banned so they can unban it, which is what I am attempting to do so here.

Which domain you are trying to CNAME to?

the domain i purchased via is I am linking to the site

To see if your account as appropriate permissions, visit the forum’s admin area and then navigate to Upgrades > Custom Domains. If you are able to access this page, then your account has the permissions in place where you can add a custom domain name to the forum. Otherwise if you do not see this option, you’ll want to notify another staff member that handles the member group permissions for the forum.

So, do you have the permission to CNAME to Proboards? Did you read the instructions above?

I do have access to this portion of the Admin Panel on ProBoards.

I am following the instructions to CNAME my domain, it is the recommended way to link a domain to your ProBoards forum it says. Just need this special permission from a Cloudflare Staff member to unban my domain or something? That is what all of the solutions state.

This process should be done by Proboards but not you - they have to allow you to CNAME to their domain.

Try contact them to complete the CNAME setup.

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