My domain is active but it doesn't open my site

I’ve just added a domain in my account and it is active, but I am not able to access my site.
It was set up exactly like the other two, both of which work well.
Please check the image below.
Can anyone tell me what is going wrong ?


Your server is responding with a 404 error code.

You need to find out why your server does that.

It is on the same server as the domain, which is working fine.
So is it possible a server works for one domain and not for the another ?

The server works, it just shows a 404 site.

Did you add the new domain to the server configuration? Also, make sure that you are using Full (strict) SSL setting in Cloudflare, not Flexible.

I don’t know how to check those parameters.
Could you please tell me ?

Where is your website hosted?

You can change your SSL setting here (select your domain):

Oh, ok I have found where to change SSL settings.

About the other question, my domain is hosted in GoDaddy.

And did you add your new domain to your GoDaddy settings anywhere?

Well, I’ve just checked the other domain and it stoped to work.

It seems that GoDaddy doesn’t like I am using Cloudflare.

I am going to contact their support.

Hey Laudian, take a look at the image below:

It says:
“We cannot display your DNS information as your name servers are not managed by us.

Manage your DNS here changing your nameservers to the company’s default nameservers”

I could see those DNS information before, even after I had set up the domain in the Cloudflare.
But after I had set up the new domain today those information were hidden.

That’s correct. You can no longer configure DNS with GoDaddy as you now need to do that on Cloudflare.

Probably only for a few minutes until it was disabled.

It works for me.

For your new domain, it needs to be added to the server as a custom domain. Until then, it won’t work.

I don’t know if you can connect multiple domains to the same site with GoDaddy.

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