My domain in opening some other website

I added my site to cloud flare and then I update its nameserver to the nameservers provided by cloud flare. But now my domain is opening some other website. When I enter my domain or web address it actually redirects to some other website. The website to which it redirect is actually on the same server as me (I am using a shared hosting server, and I checked the nameserver of the other site it was same as one provided to me by host). I also added a SSL certificate to my website . I didn’t understand why it is happening.
this is the ssl setting for cloud flare.

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Didn’t you have one before you added your site to Cloudflare?

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Yes i have one… And i was using site with ssl… By adding I ddnt mean that I bought or add a new ssl from cloudflare… It means that my site has already a ssl…

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Glad to hear it. Then the correct SSL/TLS setting here is Full (Strict).

If you’d like further assitance, please post your domain name.

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