My Domain has blocked after purchase domain on cloudflare

Hello Cloudflare, my name is Franz, I recently created an account with Cloudflare and bought a domain for my client’s website, my payment was processed by going to the DNS settings, but unfortunately I was not aware of this message in my email Updated Report: (#15407125) ACTION REQUIRED A user billing verification step is required for your Cloudflare account, now the link is down so I can’t access my website and it looks like my DNS settings are being blocked. I could see that in my user profile my email is verified. could you help me with this problem?

It sounds like Cloudflare is requiring additional verification for billing purposes. The best course of action is for you to provide the requested information following the instructions in the email.

If you can’t resolve it that way, please open a Billing ticket with the Support team and share your ticket number here.

You can open account, billing and registrar tickets here

Hello, my ticket is #15452601

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Thank you, I do not see that ticket number but do see a handful from yesterday, let’s continue the conversation on 2910117. No additional tickets are necessary.

Ok thank you.

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