My domain has been suspected of phishing or malware

Hello! On 14/01/23 my domain was accused and banned for (as stated in the complaint) phishing. Our site does not do this, it is a regular ecommerce website. I have already deleted the topic from the complaint, I would like you to remove the blocking from my site, because. the message pops up when you enter it, and causes distrust among users.

I submitted an application for consideration on the first day, but it has not yet been decided. It’s been 4 full days already.

My site is having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM.
signsolutions dot com (not affiliated with Cloudflare at all, hosted with Network Solutions)

My site has been exactly the same for over 10 years, zero problems, then all of the sudden this

I was able to finally get some e-mails back and forth to Trust and Safety (David N.)
abusereply at Cloudflare dot com

My site has been being blocked for over 6 weeks now. This is rediculous. I’m getting a lawyer.

What is the actual url that shows up on the “PHISHING WARNING” page that you see?

mine is

Why is there no Cloudflare staff available to assist users, and is this a result of an error from the Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety department? Could there be discrimination between free and paid accounts that is causing users not to receive proper support? If so, why has it been over 8 days without any support personnel responding to user inquiries?

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