My Domain has 2 status

in Cloudflare my domain status is clientTransferProhibited but my domain not working after i check many think i found my domain has other status is redemptionPeroid in whois, that mean my domain has 2 status: clientTransferProhibited, redemptionPeroid

What is the domain?

newworldcrypto .org

Have you received any emails from Cloudflare regarding this domain? Specifically from Trust & Safety or Abuse or the Registrar Team?

There is something wrong.


Expires On

Registered On

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i received email from Cloudflare about my account is suspended, because i use free plans for my business after that i upgrade to pro plans for my domain already, but until now my domain not working. i check status my domain from Cloudflare registrar is only clientTransferProhibited

It is still broken at the moment. You will likely need to address this with Trust & Safety then, but Iā€™m still surprised your domain has been placed in redemptionPeriod and not just suspended. Please contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help - select Registrar as the option. Please share your ticket number here so that we can escalate it.

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