My domain doesn't resolve quick

Hello my domain doesn’t resolve on Cloudflare for me to transfer it or even put up a site

What is the domain? My IT told me it has to be resolved from my account

Your domain resolves ok…

It is showing a Cloudflare parking page. You will need to configure your DNS in the dashboard here to point at your site hosting…

Okay I cant upload a website there is a pending name server issue for a long time now almost 1 month

The Cloudflare account where the domain is active has nameservers chelsea and ray. If your Cloudflare nameservers are shown as chip and raegan at the bottom of the DNS page here…
…then you have created a new account, or are in the wrong account for your domain.

As your domain is registered with Cloudflare, you need to find the original account and log in to that to manage your domain. Use these steps if you can’t find it…

Given the parking page, you may have bought this domain through Apple.

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I am using the original account for the domain. I used iCloud+ to open it. but now it tells that am not the owner. how do I go about that

Because even at the accounts page am a super user with all privilege

Which two nameservers are shown at the bottom of this page?

chips and Reagan.
but this is the account I used to open the domain on iCloud+

Is the domain listed here?

no it is not listed here.

Log out of the dashboard and select “Forgot your email”. It will email the owner of the account that holds the domain with recovery instructions. Hopefully you will get that.

I tried this and didnt get any email on any of the accounts I thought are connected
How to go about that

Raise a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here…
…and ask for help to recover your domain.

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