My domain disappeared from Cloudflare

My domain has been in Cloudflare for several years. But it suddenly disappeared and my website went down. I had to repoint the website away from Cloudflare to InMotion’s server to bring it back. I’ve copied all of the zones to Cloudflare to recreate the domain there but want to know why it disappeared before repointing back to Cloudflare. No change of owner; no changes to website.

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Our website for the Crystal City Civic Association went down because the website disappeared from Cloudflare. When I logged into Cloudflare, there was no website on file any longer. What changed? In June I was able to chat with a Tech, but can no longer do so with a free account. I had to recreate the website and edit all of the zones on Cloudflare.

You can still contact tech support. Just send an email to [email protected]. You’ll receive an automated message from Cloudflare Support (bot). Just reply to it. You may get a few more, but you always reply that you need help directly from support. and you’ll eventually will be assigned a support agent.

Also, please post your support ticket number here, so that we can assist you faster. Thanks.

Nope. I got a message from ticket 2541961 that “Email support is not available for customers on your plan type.” Worse, it said: “Your issue has been marked as Resolved in our system.” Even though I got no answer, no support.

Just reply to that message specifying that this issue needs to be manually seen by a support agent. The ticket should reopen and the issue, submitted.

This will not work any more.

You will need to open a ticket via the support portal in the dashboard and Free customers are not entitled to technical support, only billing/account and Registrar.

As for the issue here, you should check the audit log which will say when and why the domain was removed from your account.


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