My domain deleted by Cloudlfare Registrar without reason

Hello I recently moved my server and realized that one of my domain that I had moved to you registrar from Namesilo had been deleted. When I searched for it in my email, I had received a notification that my domain was being deleted from a noreply email without citing a reason.

What is the domain?

The deleted domain and . The first one has now been claimed by someone else.

Was the domain registered with Cloudflare, or just added as a site?

Can you show the email you received?

Did the domains just expire and you not renew them?

They both were moved to Cloudflare and were deleted by some unexplained reason.

I had received this email in 2023 but it went in our Promotions folder, found it only yesterday when we tried to find why the site is now owned by someone else:

Well, the email you shared has a link to help you find out why your domain was removed from the Cloudflare platform.

Most likely the domain expired.

And if these were Cloudflare Registrar domains, you would have received multiple reminders long before the domains even expired.

At least Cloudflare did their part by sending you the email which got successfully delivered to your mailbox.

What happens in your mailbox is your responsibility.

(I personally have Gmail’s tabs and automatic categorization feature disabled to prevent this sort of thing.)

The domain name was registered anew at Namesilo on 2024-02-21. Since you got this email in 2023, it means the domain expired and ultimately got deleted – before someone registered it. If you were not the “someone” who registered it, then this domain is very likely lost forever.

But got deleted and hasn’t been registered. So you may re-register it.

Good luck!

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This is the only email I received on this issue and I have automatic renewals on all my domains and they get renewed a month before their expiration date. This email does not give any reason for the deletion. ANy way to contact Cloudflare to find out why they were deleted.

The message you received from Cloudflare was not about your domain registration. It was informing you that your DNS zone for that domain name was removed from Cloudflare. The reasons why that can happen are listed in the following document.

You will need to ask your domain registrar for details on why your autorenewal failed and why you didn’t receive any notification from them. Cloudflare will not know anything about their reasons.

If you use NameSilo as you registrar, I know they have a low threshold for placing bouncing email addresses onto their suppression list and they don’t tend to ever remove them. I had to change the email address used on my NameSilo account for that reason.

Actually Cloudflare was my registrar.

I’m not seeing that in the online domain registration history, but itt may just be that I missed it. Regardless, the domain has since been registered by someone else, which means that you won’t be able to recover it. It was removed from your Cloudflare account around a year ago, making it unlikely that anyone here will be able to offer you much insight into what happened.

The only further advice I can offer is to consider implementing a solution to actively monitor your domain name registrations and expiration dates to prevent a similar future occurrence withbyou other domains.

I realize this but don’t want a repeat of this on Cloudflare. With other registrars, I can just send an email to their support email but no such recourse to contact Cloudflare this way, the only way it seems is to post on this forum so wondering if I should move all my domains to a regular registrar where I can communicate in a timely manner.

You might want to at least weigh the pros and cons of such a change. I prefer to maintain my registrations elsewhere. There are many for whom Cloudflare registrar is a fitting solution. It seems like you may not be among them. I recommend weighing any perceived savings against any support discrepancies to identify your tolerance level. Note that other registrars can also have communications deficiencies.

Thanks for your kind advice. Please point me to websites where I may research different registrars.

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You can type that question into your favorite search engine and probably get a better answer than I could offer. I have not needed to perform such a comparison myself in many years. When I last did, I used only original research in conjunction with a recommendation from a colleague.

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