My domain cloudflare DNS Records not applied after 7 Days

i set cloudflare Dns name servers more than 7 days ago on domain panel.

after 7 days my domain ns records not full applied.

domain: ' ’

[Check service1](
[Check service2](

problem seems to be related by cloudflare ns records.
would you check it?

Your DNSSEC configuration is invalid. You need to get the correct DNSSEC values from Cloudflare and add them at your registrar.

Also, your domain status is pendingTransfer, is that intentionally?

i did not change any value of dnssec configurations… where i can add or change it?
domain is pendingTransfer because i think domain registrar had problem and decide to transfer to other registrar.

Yes, and that is the problem. When you change your nameservers, you also need to change your DNSSEC values.

As I said in my previous post, you get the values from Cloudflare and have to add them at your registrar.

Maybe you should contact your registrar about this. The domain should not stay in pendingTransfer.

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Dear Laudian,
would you help me a few more?
i did not change dnssec when i changed nameservers. it’s needed now?
i don’t change dnssec on my domains and i have changed anytime only nameservers.
i don’t know where is dnssec on domain registrar to change it!
as i check DNSSEC in cloudflare. it’s disabled same as all of my other domains in cloudflare.
what is the reason to enable it for this domain?

DNSSEC is enabled for that domain at your registrar. That means every time you change nameservers, you also need to change the DNSSEC values.

Have a look at this: FAQ - Step-By-Step: How To use DNSSEC with a Domain and a DNS Hosting Provider

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