My domain and my .dev cloudflare website not working the same way

Hi everyone. Cloudflare newbie here. I bought a domain name some time ago and made a website today that is kind of responsive (still in work) and basically my .dev website and my domain are not working/showing the same things. My .dev website is working the way i expect to; some elements appear/disappear when on mobile but once on my domain this doesnt work. They both have of course the same files and folder so i don’t know if its a common issue or if i messed up something. I tried to re-deploy but it does’nt fix it. Thanks and excuse me for my bad english!

Can you share your and your custom domain so we can compare? Have you tried disabling minification features (CSS/JS/HTML) on your custom domain? These are known to cause issues with some frameworks.

Can you share some screenshots for what you’re seeing? What OS/browser? They look identical to me on both desktop and mobile in Chrome, Windows.

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I see the same thing on desktop

And on mobile (both on a physical device, and in Firefox responsive design mode.)

Hey sorry but could you please delete the img in your post please now that i fied the problem has it contains my domain. Thanks you