My DNS website is Blocked in Italy!

My DNS website is Blocked by “The Authority for Communications Guarantees” in Italy, almost people can’t get access to it !!! is ther solution ?

What does “The Authority for Communications Guarantees” in Italy have to say about the issue?

Since they are the ones blocking access to your website (according to your own words), I’d suggest you contact them for further instructions on what the issue that caused your site to get blocked was, as well as how to get a such block removed.


This is why are blocked my site:
Access to this site has been disabled in execution of a provision adopted by the Communications Regulatory Authority, pursuant to the regulation on the protection of online copyright approved with resolution no. 680/13/CONS
For more information, visit the website www.agcom it
Can i change my DNS in cloudflare maybe could be a solution ?

Cloudflare is not a copyright circumvention service. Have you connected with them to determine the reason(s) your website has been blocked in Italy?


Excuse me, i don’t know that my content is violate rules of copyrights, i deleted them

If “The Authority for Communications Guarantees” has blocked your content, removal of that block is to be obtained through them. Cloudflare won’t be able to bypass a nation state block on your behalf.


I will contact him, if the is no reply i will ask you to change my DNS if it is possible

Only you can make changes to your DNS. Cloudflare cannot make changes for you. DNS changes are unlikely to assist with the issue you have described. As others have indicated, only the AGCOM can assist you with their block.

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