My DNS Settings are not listed

I have my domain paid through Squarespace but my DNS settings are not with Squarespace I have been told its managed by Cloudflare. I also tried to set up my Gmail business email and cannot receive emails because I have to add my MX records to my DNS and once again Google confirmed that I have to do that with Cloudflare. However, when I log in to Cloudflare I have no DNS records listed at all. Where is the glitch here?

I suspect you have two accounts, I do not see any domains (sites/zones) in the account you are using here. Can you share the name of the domain in question?

Once you log into the correct account, dns records will be here,

Good #tutorial on DNS here

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My domain is nancygilette com I also suspected that the DNS records must be under a different account. I will double-check again if there is another account. How would I be able to find out which email I used for the possible other account?

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You can use the Forgot Email option described at the beginning of the following documentation.

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