My DNS settings are lost

Hi there,

I’m surprised seeing, that DNS records for my domain are gone. I’m here to check if my SPF settings are properly configured, but I can’t see even single record now (A, TXT for domain authorization - nothing).

But it looks like they still work (Google Search Console authorization, MX server, etc).

Should I fill the form again, they will appear again or should I fill a support ticket?



Hi @szy,

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS tab?

Here it comes. Thank you.


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That’s weird because it doesn’t show your Cloudflare nameservers there, either.

Can you try it in a different browser and with all extensions disabled?

If it still doesn’t work, I would recommend opening a ticket :slight_smile:

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Good shot, thanks! :slight_smile:

Everything works as designed in Firefox. The problem above is from Opera.

Oh, and XP on board. Did I mention that? :wink:

Thanks a lot!


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