My dns records and appear Name or service not known


Today my dns records and stopped to be resolved by the Cloudflare dns when I try to do a ping on them the result is Name or service not known. I have tried to recreate the dns records and create new dns record but the result is the same Name or service not known.

Can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance.

Your domain expired in April. You best immediately contact your registrar if you want to keep the domain.

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HI Sandro,

ok thank you very much for this I will contact the dns provider. :wink:

Best regards.

Pleasure, but do that straight away, as the domain might be already about to be made available for registration again.

The domain is pending deletion. The Registry has a 45 day auto-renew period, a 30 day redemption period, and a five day delete period. During the final period it cannot be renewed, and such changes used to happen at midday.

Your Registrar has excellent phone support. The number is on their homepage, and if it can be resolved that is probably the best route.

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ok thanks for the information :wink:

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