My DNS records won't update after many days


I have setup a subdomain ( a week ago and I am trying to validate it with my email autoresponder, Convertkit. Convertkit is not able to verify. I talked to my domain provider, Bluehost and they say it’s a Cloudflare problem. They say the DNS are not populating.

I have put three A DNS records on Cloudflare and it’s not working. I’ve been waiting for days, I’ve tried to un-proxy them and proxy them again, clear my cache on Wordpress and on Cloudflare to no avail. I have double checked and the IP addresses are the right ones, no typos.

Please note that I know nothing about Cloudflare and DNS stuff, I don’t really understand what it is. I might not be providing all the info you need to help, please tell me what you need. :slight_smile:

Well, the record is there.


Addresses:  2606:4700:3034::ac43:af59

If you need this for any verification purpose, you will probably have to unproxy it.

Thank you so much for helping! So, does this mean it would be a Convertkit problem and I should talk to them?

I have unproxy the DNS records on Cloudflare but Convertkit can’t verify either for now.

Without details it is difficult to say what the issue is. But unproxying might fix it.

OK, I will unproxy it and wait 24 hours. What details should I provide to see what the issue is?

What’s the exact error message you get?

Convertkit only tells me that it’s unverified.

When I go to my subdomain address, I get 404 error. I can’t access it when I unproxy the DNS records.

On my Bluehost DNS records, I can’t see the records. I don’t know if this is normal.

Well, then they need to tell you why it is unverified, that’s an issue on their side. It could be because the record is proxied, but that’s really something they need to tell you.

When the record is unproxied, it connects directly to them and Cloudflare is not involved in the first place. Apart from the DNS record you configured on Cloudflare of course.

I noticed you unproxied it now. It currently does not load either, because your server does not have a certificate, but that might be because it is “unverified” or whatever they call it.

I’d keep it unproxied for now and clarify that with your host. Right now Cloudflare only points to the three configured addresses.

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OK, thank you. I will talk to Convertkit and keep you posted!

I have talked to Convertkit and everything is alright now! It was most likely the proxy because now that I have unproxy it, the DNS populated in a few minutes and my subdomain was verified by Convertkit. Everything is working fine now, thanks again for your help.

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