My DNS records resets (Or goes back to how it was) automatically after couple of hours later


I have been trying to update my “A” records. I have been trying this for months and it goes back to my old settings (to settings I set up Cloudflare for the first time)

My domain is

Are you (or were you) using Ezoic? That is the usual culprit in this situation.

You can check what is changing your records by inspecting the audit log.

Hello Michael, Thanks for your reply.

No, I don’t use Ezoic nor have any other 3rd party APIs on Cloudflare (I have linked WP-rocket to Cloudflare). I did just check my audit logs. it says ‘Interface API’ I don’t know what that means.

In that case it’s best to rotate your API key.


That IP address is Amazon AWS hosting, so it appears some service is using the API to modify your records. As Eric suggested, changing your Global API key will stop that.


Helo Sdayman & Erictung, Changing my API key worked. Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:


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