My DNS records keep resetting my changes back to how they were before



Hi, i’ve changed my DNS 4 times in a row now and it keeps resetting back my changes. Specifically i’m trying to add an A name record for 4 sub domains as well as delete 10 otherwise unused records.

Each time it works almost instantly, I can ping and request the new sub domains. Then sometime later (not sure if it’s minutes or hours) it resets and all the records I deleted come back and the one’s I added have vanished.

The only thing I can think is that I gave the company access a while back (I didn’t provide my personal details, some sort of API I had to authenticate) and they might be resetting it automatically. But when I look under “apps” I can’t see them listed and have no way to see if they still have access or revoke that access if they do from what I can tell.


Just in case, try resetting your API key


Thanks, i’ve done that now and will give it another go