My DNS records being automatically deleted


I’m trying to add few A records for my domain and delete few of existing CNAME records. But every time I make changes to my DNS, it gets reverted after a few hours or sometimes even a few mins. I know I’ve not done this.
But I have given access to a third party application to make DNS updates. I am guessing it must be the application that is altering my DNS records. But unfortunately, I don’t see a way in CloudFlare Dashboard where I can disconnect or unauthorize that application. Can someone direct me where/how I can do this?



Try “My Profile” from the Cloudflare Dashboard. You can change your API key at the bottom of your Profile screen.


Thanks for the reply. I know that would solve the problem. But what if I’ve used that API key for 5 different services? That would be difficult to maintain. Just a thought!

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


You’ll have to give those other services the new API key. That’s kind of how remote apps work. They get a special password to access your settings. Too bad Cloudflare doesn’t let you set multiple API keys. It’d be even better if you could get different API keys with different permissions.

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