My DNS records are not working. My A record isn't pointing my domain to my server IP

I have an A record pointing to

But it’s not working. When I visit my domain it does not go to my server. It has some old version of the site but I don’t even know what server it is on, its not my server and not the same site.

If you have used your domain with a hosted service in the past, they may have used Cloudflare for SaaS and failed to deprovision your domain name from their setup when you left. If that is the case you can usually clear it up with the assistance of Liberate The Hostname.

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Thank you! I contacted the previous site owner and they removed the CDN integration from their host and it resolved the problem, but only if I use the gray cloud / no proxy. As soon as I turn on the proxy, the domain goes back to the old site again. Any ideas?

Have you run your name through the Liberate the Hostname tool?

I just did now. And it fixed it. Thank you!

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