My DNS records are NEVER updating

I have a website hosted on Cloudflare. I am trying to set up the email here as well. My CRM provider (GoHighLevel) provided exact DNS settings to update. I have done this many many times yet GHL cannot verify anything. Does “propragation” take 72 hours? Last time I was in the 72 hour window Cloudlfare deleted my DNS Zone. Please help. I’m losing my mind. Thank you

Make sure any DNS records you add for GHL are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

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they are all set to dns only. Domain is:

You have too many Cloudflare nameservers assigned at your domain registrar.

Yes, I am aware. The reason for this is, my site was created with Groovefunnels and it wants 2 of the 4 and when I set up my DMS in CLoudflare, it lists 2 separate one. Should I just use the ones for Groove? Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Your domain can only be active in one Cloudflare account at a time, so you need to pick either yours or theirs. I cannot tell you which one to use. You will need to decide that for yourself based on your needs and any limitations imposed by either option. If you use the one provided by Groove, you will make all of your changes from their platform, not Cloudflare.

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OK, thank you. I’ll go make those changes and see what happens.

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I added all the records in Grove, deleted the 2 Cloudflare Nameservers and Voila…it worked. Thank you so much!!!

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