My DNS Record does not change -

When I add CNAME DNS record as follow:

<name> CNAME <target>
and I use G Suite Toolbox Dig to query my DNS then I do see my change as I didn’t add DNS record,

The DNS record is changed at Cloudflare but It does not change actually


I have hired my domain name at name dot com
At name dot com I have added Cloudflare namespaces and deleted name dot com namespaces.

Proxy Status: Proxied

If the CNAME is set to :orange:, you’re not going to see an IP address change. Any record set to :orange: is going to return the IP address of your Cloudflare proxy server, but Cloudflare will route that request to the CNAME Target or origin “A” record IP address.

Is something not working?

At the first time, It was running and CNAME record was working and pointing from to
But without any reason the problem has happened when I wanted to change subdomain and when I tried to return to old subdomain, the problem remains and CNAME record couldn’t be found

I don’t want to point to IP address, I want to point to URL, I tried to change proxy status, But the problem remains and nothing was changed.

How to solve it, Thank you for your interesting.

That CNAME responds, but the site is gone. For now, I suggest that you turn all DNS records to :grey: until you can get your site working again.

OK, I will try that, thank you for your help

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