My DNS not working --

I have activated the DNS and redirected my URL “” to Cloudflare as requested but when I type in it does do anything I just get the not found error.

I read that I have to setup a CNAME,A or AAAA and MX for my mail but I have no idea what Im doing with this stuff. I dont know what to type, where to type it and what IP address.

In short I want my URL to redirect to my facebook group and with regards to mail I’ll look into getting some email hosting (or maybe run my own email server from a business IP at my office (its static and not used for anything else).

Anyone got any idea how to get these CNAME / MX records setup?

Help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

I dont know what to type, what the IPs are etc … Im just lost.

That domain is using Bluehost DNS and has no DNS records.

The Cloudflare approach to a domain redirect is this:

As far as email, those MX, etc. records are provided by your email host. You’ll have to ask them what they should be.

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