My DNS no working correctly

My DNS no working correctly, my domain is
I have this DNS Screenshot by Lightshot , but I have this error Screenshot by Lightshot

just a few weeks :frowning:

The nameservers are correctly set, but you have a broken DNSSEC configuration - | DNSViz - and need to fix this on your registrar’s side. Provide there the values which you were given by Cloudflare.

Hello, I have error…

see my image… it´s correct?


You need to provide the values which you were given by Cloudflare. And yes, your DNSSEC configuration is still broken I am afraid.

What is exatly my configuration please.

This how to set up DNSSEC for Cloudflare:


DNSSEC is only for flex, you don’t really require it now in 2021.

Please don’t provide misleading advice to people.

DNSSEC is not required for basic DNS resolution, but it does secure your domain and so it is a good idea to have it. The OP just needs to fix his configuration and will be good to go.


Hello! now it´s good?


What does aforementioned service say? If everything is fine there you are good to go, if not then there’s no need to post here until it is fine.

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