My DNS isnt pointing to Bluehost/ DNS is not updating

I hosted my website on Bluehost but I have a domain with Cloudflare. I updated Bluehost nameservers (NS1, NS2, A record) on Cloudflare. However, it has been over 5 days and the DNS has not been updated.

The site is pointing back to Cloudflare instead of Bluehost. How can I fix the DNS propagation issues.

Can someone please help?


If you have a domain with Cloudflare Registrar, you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS. DNS and web hosting are separate and you can keep using Cloudflare DNS while using another provider for web hosting.

You shouldn’t need to add NS records to Cloudflare to do what you’re trying to accomplish (since an NS record only changes which DNS server is responsible for a subdomain). Hosting providers will normally give you an IP address or domain name. You’d need to create an A or AAAA record (in case of an IPv4 or IPv6 address, respectively) or a CNAME record (in case of a domain name) at Cloudflare, pointing to your hosting provider. If you don’t know which IP address or name to point to, your hosting provider should be able to help.

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