My DNS is pointed to the correct IP address but it's telling me that it's pointing to an old IP?

Got this message from Bluehost: Please redirect your DNS is directing traffic to an old IP address. To fix that, please log in to the DNS provider associated with this domain. Then redirect your A record to point to this IP:

I’m confused because on my Cloudflare account I have an A record pointing to that exact IP address Bluehost is requesting me to point to.

From the screenshot above, seems to me this is correct, Cloudflare operates as a reverse proxy, receiving inbound requests and forwarding them on to your origin server.

What are you trying to achieve at BlueHost that it shows up this warning?

Thanks for the quick response. Basically what i’m wondering is why is the message popping up on Bluehost saying I need to point my DNS provider to the IP address in the message if I already did that as you said through the image I sent from Cloudflare? Because as you said it seems to be correct. So I was just wondering if I did something by mistake to get that message from Bluehost. All i’m trying to do is point my A record to my IP address through Cloudflare.

It’s showing that message, because the actual record returned when querying your domain is not BlueHost’s IP, as Cloudflare works as @fritexvz said by being a proxy and substituting their own IPs for yours.

I guess the solution would be to either unproxy the record or, better, contact BlueHost support and see if there is a way to make this be fixed.

This might help…

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Thanks for the reply, yeah when i un proxied the records that message went away on my bluehost account. Do you have any idea why that message appears when i have it proxied as opposed to not having it proxied? I’m gonna contact Bluehost to see what they have to say.

I just contacted Bluehost they seem clueless, just overall really frustrating because it makes no sense as I said when I have proxied on the error message appears from Bluehost but when I turn off proxy the message disappears.

The cause is written above.

Hi @jsanto0302
Please wait for 6-8 hours for worldwide dns configuration. This process takes some time to be visible on all platforms.

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