My DNS is not working, help me

Hey, I’m new on this thing of creating sites and this stuff. I’m following a guy of my course, but I don’t know what I did wrong. On porpouse, I created the server on US, while living in Brazil, I don’t know if this was my mistake.

What problem are you having?

Your site is using Cloudflare nameservers and is showing the same IP address as in your screenshot (your DNS record in Cloudflare is not proxied, you may want to switch to “Proxied”).

Your site is appearing so you have the Cloudflare basics right.

Any DNS changes you need to make in your Cloudflare dashboard now, not at your registrar/host…

Hey bro, thanks for answering me, I activated the proxy, but the dns is still not working, look if I did something wrong

What isn’t working for you?

The domain doesn’t seem to be proxied at the moment, did you turn the proxy off?

If you are making changes to the DNS that you think aren’t being reflected publicly, check that the two Cloudflare nameservers given at the bottom of the DNS page are aria and noah.

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