My DNS is not propagating

I added two TXT records a few days ago to preverify a domain for WP Engine, and days later the change is still not showing. Cloudflare lists the change on the DNS page, but the rest of the world is not seeing it. In my experience, DNS changes on Cloudflare propagate very quickly.

Can you give the domain and the TXT records you are setting?

The domain is
The TXT records are:
Name: _cf-custom-hostname
Content: 5f7d6217-cc1d-458c-9eba-bbc367b2a6e8
Name: _cf-custom-hostname.www
Content: 258ad70a-3c88-4167-9aa3-d51b65f749b9

They resolve ok…

dig +short txt

dig +short txt

I get that too when I run the dig command, but any idea why it isn’t showing up here (or elsewhere):

You can’t look up subdomains by specifying the domain. You need to enter the whole hostname you are checking…

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Any idea as to why WP Engine is not recognizing these records? Their support suggested the problem is on the Cloudflare side.

You can see the TXT records are ok. Are they checking other records as well?

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Interesting - according to WP Engine, this is why their domain pre-verification isn’t working:
“The hostname is using Cloudflare and cannot be activated with an TXT or HTTP validation token.”
Which is odd, because I was able to pre-verify another Cloudflare-hosted domain over the weekend without issue.

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