My dns is detected as potentially unsafe by malware

Good morning, sorry for my English, my dns is detected as potentially insecure by malware, I cleaned my hosting but I still have to appear on a black list, where I can check by domain name since by IP I do not appear in any list

Happens sometimes that Cloudflare IP addresses get blacklisted.
But, anyway, they are anycast so there is always a chance you would get it from time to time.

You would need to contact these lists to get these addresses unlisted. Therefore, Cloudflare is surely working on removing it’s IPs from those lists.

I would not worry for it.

But, you stated malware at first and the DNS - I cannot figure out how so?
May I ask which tool have you used for it?

If your Website/domain contains malicious scripts, code, is sending SPAM, etc., therefore there are known steps how to clean it.

Or is it detected as a JS Challenge page maybe (due to the Security options you have got active and enabled)?

Otherwise, if your origin host / serve IP got blacklisted, again, the same process.

May I suggest this post:

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my domain is and spamhous has no issues, but malwarebytes and avast, and mcffee block that domain,

I can open it normally from my end at least - using ESET Nod32 Internet Security & Malwarebytes Premium on my desktop PC (Windows):

Even on Android mobile too (only Malwarebytes Premium):

Google and Sucuri clear as far for now:

See this

From the screenshote above, I see the URL address bar - you are using some extension which block it - Malwarebytes Browser Guard?

Select dont block this site again for malware, Allow and contine to site.

Otherwise, try to contact Malwarebytes team to figure out why is it like that so:

As far as it could be a “glitch” warning too (maybe something in history or so or even the domain TLD), I have sent a message to the developer. I have not heard of any issues, but he may have. I would remove and replace Browser Guard. If it reports as corrupted again, that would be definite cause for further investigation.

When I enable it, I also got this:

Some other topics here:

I am afraid, further we go, but as it seems to me this obviously isn’t an Cloudflare issue here.

Thank you very much for all the information

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