My Dns auto change for

The dns addresses of my sites change automatically. I changed it because I thought my password was stolen. However, my dns still changes. I turned on two-factor authentication. I think this process is done through another channel. Another person asked a similar question. dns redirection is done to ip this ip is redirected to cloudflare-captcha[dot]com

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May I ask if you’ve tried writing a ticket to the Cloudflare Support team via the link :thinking:

Kindly, do so and share your ticket number here so we could esclate this.

I found the recent topic about the similar issue here:

I’ve alerted Cloudflare Team about this.

I can’t write dns problems because I use a free package.

Did you tried creating a Support ticket via ? :thinking:

Select domain and click “Add more details” on the bottom:


May I also ask if you’ve used some 3rd-party service like eZoic?

Helpful article in the meantime:

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