My DMARC doesn't work

Hi, sorry if this seems pretty obvious to you guys but im new to this stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

All my emails goes in the “spam” or “unwanted messages” folders of my recipients, and now my website is shutdown…

I searched why, and i found that i did’nt have SPF / DKIM / Dmarc records on, so i created theses TXT records, i analyzed it with MXtoolbox but nothing to do, it doesn’t work and i dont know why…

So first question, i assume that my website shutted down because i added a new DNS record on my domain ? (pretty obvious i know)

Maybe someone can see what is wrong with it, with the screen down here ?
For you information i use Gsuite domain that i moved on cloudfare for clickfunnels (maybe it is usefull).

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

If my spelling is correct, dushamedia isn’t using Cloudflare DNS.


How can this be even possible, alright, i repointed my domain to cloudfare servers name.

That is weird, so it can happen sometimes that on google domain, the redirection towards cloudfare servers blows up ?

I have used Google Domains extensively, it never happened… maybe you misclicked something.

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