My DKIM isn't authenticating after 48 hours

My DKIM wont authenticate after 48 hours. I already contacted google, becuase i bought the domain from them, but they redirected me here, because I host my website through CloudFlare. Is there something I can do to fix this, or should I just wait?

I’ll link the pictures

I’m not seeing it either. Can you post a screenshot of that TXT record in your DNS settings page?

Can you also verify that lower on that page, it shows Doug and Melody as your Cloudflare name servers?

Here it is:

Also that first critical error disappeared, I dont know what was that lol.

The DKIM and DMARC are still an issue tho.

I don’t know if it Typo’d it the first time, or it was a propagation issue, but it’s there now.

Oh okay! So its just not updating on googles end, but I have it set up?
Also what about DMARC? Can I start installing it or should I wait a bit?

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